Our team has created Online Oldtimers, the best option to find and sell classic, collector, and rare cars in Europe.

We have developed O-O@ as a tool for fans of classic cars. It connects buyers and sellers directly, guaranteeing super-complete information on the cars. History, administrative situation, photos of the foundations, mechanical condition, possible transformations … nothing is indeed hidden, everything is transparent on O-O.

We are a community site, born from the friendship between three Europeans passionate about classic cars. Our members are often experts in the field. Therefore, each car is commented on, criticized (for good or for bad), with the passion and the eye of the expert.

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This is the story of three Europeans, Johannes Weber, Peter Van Dick and Charles Delpierre, who loved beautiful mechanics. Alpine A110, BMW 3.0 CSi, Lancia Fulvia Zagato… everyone had their favorites. After restoring cars and scouring clubs all over Europe, we wanted to share our experience. As a result, we agreed it was time to create a market place specially dedicated to collectors of cars from all eras. With only one ambition: to provide the right information, which the collector is really looking for, as it assures him that the car he is buying will deserve all his love.

And the adventure has then led to the creation of a community of enthusiasts and experts who are the spearhead of O-O@.

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We are without bias as we were each in turn buyers and sellers of vintage cars. Thus, we do not favor one or the other. our goal is simply to ensure an objective description of the vehicles. And as we know these cars, we don’t let anything go by. In fact, this is how we work to ensure that each car gets its fair price – whether it is in a concours or a project condition.

This is why we attract buyers. They know that the price obtained is not disconnected from the market.

That’s why we attract sellers too. They know that the bidders know their car. The price obtained is the real market price. If it suits them, the car will be sold. If it does not reach the reserve price eventually set, the car will be kept.

oldtimers team


The classic car market is globalizing. In Europe, there are thus more and more trades between countries. A German brand car may be more sought after in Italy because it is rarer. And conversely for an Italian brand car … the opportunities are multiplying.

Hence, O-O© allows you to access cars located in different European countries – with comments translated from their original language. It also gives you the opportunity to sell your car anywhere in the European Union – and beyond for the most sought cars on international markets. We offer our resources and services to facilitate these European and international purchases. Transport, customs clearance, registration… we can help at each stage of your project.


Some people have asked us, why auctions rather than just ads?
When we created O-O©, we wondered about the best formula to guarantee a fair price. Buying a vintage car is a delicate exercise. Prices fluctuate along the seasons, and a large number of parameters can cause these prices to fluctuate (engine, general condition, options, color, etc.). How do you get the final price to reflect the real value of a car?

It seemed to us that only auctions make it possible to compare supply with demand directly, allowing the price to be adjusted according to the best offer. Thus, the price offered is the best possible for the seller and for the buyer, based on the objective information provided and the state of the market.


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