How to sell your classic car in winter?

The classic car market is seasonal. Most sales take place in the spring. This is when buyers start dreaming of beautiful cars and long summer drives. The classic car clubs come back from their hibernation. And suddenly the market is booming. This is a reality that goes beyond classic cars: in winter, the real estate market is often gloomy…

However, the coldest months of the year can also present opportunities to sell your car. Firstly, because there is less competition between sellers. Many oldtimers stay in the garage over the winter, or are in the garage for a well-deserved overhaul. And secondly, because some savvy buyers take advantage of the off-season to get a good deal. A good sale in summer often leads to a purchase in winter…nature abhors a vacuum (in a garage).

But how do you seize these winter sales opportunities?

Staying active as a seller and as...a driver

The first requirement for selling your car in winter is to…offer it for sale. Many sellers are discouraged by the winter weather and struggle to find the energy to sell their car. But don’t stop believing! A beautiful car will find a buyer, even if the climate is hostile.

It is therefore essential to keep the engine running in winter, when the weather permits. Contrary to popular belief, an engine that is idle all winter is not better protected, on the contrary, it can suffer from difficult restarting (especially with sealing problems). A car that runs is a much easier car to sell.

It is also a good idea to participate in one or two events, such as the Paris crossing (in France) in January, and to maintain the link with other collectors. It’s often by word of mouth that you sell your classic car.

It can also be a time to enhance the beauty of the car, for example by having it serviced or thoroughly cleaned. It can also be an opportunity to pass the technical inspection, which is required for the sale. Even if the car is not sold immediately during the winter, it is time saved for the spring.

Enhance your car pictures!

During the cold season, buyers prefer the warmth of home to distant visits to cars for sale. It becomes more difficult to attract enthusiasts of beautiful machines ready to cross the country, even to see a 6-cylinder Citroen traction or another exceptional BMW Z8… It is therefore necessary to take care of your presentation. And work on your photos to offer the best possible rendering and convince even the most reluctant buyer to come and see.  

Explore auction platforms, the best way to sell a classic car in winter

This winter period is the perfect time to test online auction platforms such as online-oldtimers. It is indeed possible to buy and sell a classic car without having to go and see it. The platform selects the cars, ensures that they are in good working order and allows buyers and sellers to agree on a price thanks to the auction system.

This means no more visits all over Europe to find the car of your dreams. No more long negotiations in front of the car. Digital platforms make remote sales possible. And the good news is that online-oldtimers offer to auction your classic car for free during the winter.

Submit your car for free (during the winter)


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