How to secure the purchase of your classic car

Buying a classic car is different from buying a regular used car. It obeys specific criteria which combine passion, control of risks and costs and prospects for resale. If the preferences vary according to the tastes of the collectors, the principles on which a good acquisition is based are themselves always the same.

And it is in this context that our platform provides additional guarantees:

  • Administrative transparency
  • Checking the history of cars
  • Technical transparency and clarification of the unspoken
  • Securing transactions

Administrative transparency

For a vintage car buyer, it is essential to ascertain the administrative status of the vehicle. The first question is whether the person selling the car is authorized to do so, either because he owns it or because he has been mandated to sell it. Otherwise, the sale will have no contractual value, suggesting a significant risk of fraud.

In addition, the buyer must also ensure that the car has been the subject of a previous registration in the European Union and has a technical inspection. In the absence of Community registration, the car will indeed have to undergo a much more cumbersome import procedure. As for the lack of technical control, it can mean either that the car has not been driven for a long time, or that the previous owner does not wish to make known the technical control report.

The purchaser should also be informed whether the registration is still pending or not. Indeed, a long-expired registration implies that the car has not been driven recently and will require, at a minimum, restoration work, or even a complete restoration.

We therefore pay particular attention to the examination of these three basic documents (title deed, registration certificate and technical inspection report), which alone guarantee the administrative transparency of the car offered for sale. We make sure that any car offered for sale has a clear status that is compatible with its future registration.

Checking the history of cars

A classic car has a generally long and decisive history in understanding its current condition. It may have been the subject of mechanical or aesthetic transformations, or even major restoration work. Importantly, it may have been cared for or cared for.

Thus, we demand to know the history of each vehicle offered for sale. This history must include any transformation of the car or past restoration. Our experts also examine each photo submitted in detail to ensure that the information transmitted is consistent and that there are no significant changes.

In addition, we ask owners to provide a copy of the maintenance log, if available, and major maintenance invoices for the past five years. We inform buyers of the details of this history (list of restoration and maintenance work).

secure the purchase of your classic car

Technical transparency and clarification of the unspoken

It is essential for a buyer of an old car to know the technical situation of the vehicle he is buying, and to avoid taking risks that are synonymous with potentially high maintenance or restoration costs. These costs concern the mechanics, but also the upholstery or the bodywork and painting.

Thus, our platform only offers for sale cars whose technical situation is known. We require detailed photos of the interior (seats, dashboard, door interior), body (from all angles), engine block as well as underbody. We strongly recommend raising the car to photograph the various mechanical parts and the chassis. And we encourage sellers to offer videos of cold car starting and driving.

In addition, we eliminate any car for which there is any doubt as to its condition, in particular if the seller does not transmit certain information or images requested.

Our platform provides vehicle control which is invaluable in avoiding bad deals and reducing risk-taking during acquisition.

Securing transactions

For buyers, it is essential to see and test drive a car before purchasing it. For a seller, it is necessary to be paid before, or at the time of the actual sale.

Our market place guarantees that every transaction is secure. After putting the best bidder and the seller in contact, she makes it easier to visit and collect the car. It also provides them with a standard sales contract and a payment tool facilitating payment at the time of sale, anywhere in Europe.

Finally, we follow up after the auction. This allows us to cancel an auction (and refund the commission paid by the buyer) in the event that the sale does not go through. We strive to ensure good communication between the parties.


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