Honda S2000. Fast and Furious.

The culmination of a prestigious line of sports cars, the Honda S2000 is a collectible car par excellence. Due to its exceptional mechanics and performance, it is already in demand. Its rarity in Europe, where it has only sold 20,000 copies in a decade, and its strength should secure it a bright future on the youngtimer market.

Fast and furious

Manufacturer of motorcycles, Honda became known in the 60s with small sports cars equipped with incredibly angry engines, inherited from two-wheelers. This sporting tradition continues with the production of the extraordinary V-Tec units that appeared in the 1980s and the launch of the NSX supercar in 1989. It is in this context that the Honda S2000 was born, released in 1998 for the 50s. years of the Honda brand.

Honda S2000

Produced for ten years, its commercial success will be mixed, since sold only 110,000 copies. However, it appeared from its launch as a car with exceptional dynamic qualities, its engine being designated four years in a row (2000-2004) as being the best by the specialized press. It becomes a benchmark car in the world of drifting and an automotive icon, consecrated in 2001 in the blockbuster Fast and Furious.

Honda S2000 Fast and Furious

Exceptional mechanics

The Honda S2000 is equipped with an atmospheric 4-cylinder, 2 l of displacement, developing 240 hp at a speed of 8,300 rpm. This power has long remained a record for a naturally aspirated engine of this size. Although it belongs to the convertible category, the performance of the S2000 is that of a sports car, due to a controlled weight (1250kgs): 240 km / h and 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 s. The machine has a compact and lightweight six-speed transmission with very short switching times. It also benefits from a Torsen-type self-locking differential and pneumatic mounting specifically developed by Bridgestone.

The car has changed little during its career, with an engine touch-up in 2002 and a restyling in 2003 (S2000 known as phase II). Some limited series appeared between 2004 and 2009, such as the “40th Anniversary” (in honor of the 1964 S500 roadster), the RJ, in 2007 in reference to Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button, the S2000 CR (Club Racer) in the States – United with a double embossing in the extension of the headrests, and the Ultimate Edition in 2009, marking the end of the career of the S2000. The “phase II” versions and the limited series are the most popular.

Honda S2000 Online

To monitor

The S2000s are solid cars that are accessible in terms of maintenance. They are distributed by channel, which reduces the frequency of revisions. However, buying an S2000 requires some care, including:

The history of the car. The S2000s were often used by drifters, who push hard on the mechanics. The engine may have suffered significant damage.

  • Corrosion. S2000s suffer from corrosion, especially in the wheel arches and front / rear faces. The latter is not always visible and requires careful examination.
  • When changing gears. There was a recall for the 1999-2000 versions because the synchronizers sometimes failed.
Solid Honda S2000


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