Ford Mustang, from pony to muscle car

Mythical. The Ford Mustang is, from its inception, an extraordinary car. Through its innovative image, the commercial success that accompanies its appearance and its iconographic power, the Mustang is a benchmark car for collectors. It is also a solid investment, with an increasing rating, especially for the convertible, V8 and GT versions. The abundance of spare parts and the robustness of these cars make their maintenance easy and inexpensive. However, be careful with hazardous restorations …

The first Pony Car

The Ford Mustang was launched on April 17, 1964 at the New York Fair. This is the first Pony Car, because its measurements are those of a European, smaller than the American standards of the time. Building on the parts developed for the Fairlane and Falcon, the Mustang is an economical car to produce, therefore affordable, and features an innovative design for the time. Ford also offers a wide range of options, which allows complete customization of the car and ensures immediate success. 22,000 orders placed on the first day, one million cars sold the first two years …

Ford Mustang

Added to this commercial tidal wave is cultural recognition. The Mustang becomes the symbol of the American Way of Life. Awarded as a design object by the Tiffany Award for Excellence, it established itself as a cinematographic icon in the 60s. It appears notably in the famous Bullit, piloted by Steeve McQueen or in C. Lelouche’s film, Un Homme, a woman, in the hands of Jean-Louis Trintignant …

Ford Mustang Auction

Technical specifications: The king V8 289

The mechanics of the Mustang have undergone many changes from its original V6 and V8. From 1965, the latter will gain in power passing to 120CV (V6) and 200CV (V8 of 289ci) for the base models. A “high performance” version (225CV) is available. A “GT Equipment Group” option will give the range a boost, offering engine and bodywork adjustments. Gradually, the range of engines continued to expand, reaching ten engines in 1967. That same year, the Shelby GT 500 version appeared, prepared by Carroll Shelby and equipped with the most powerful engine a Mustang I had ever had. had under its hood – a Ford Police Interceptor V8 of 450 HP and 7 L of displacement.

first Pony Car

Things to check before buying a Ford Mustang

The Mustang I is a sound investment, the price of which is remarkably stable across the Atlantic and rising in Europe. V8 models, manual transmissions, Fastbacks and convertibles are the most popular. A beautiful V8 GT convertible model with a 4-speed manual gearbox can exceed 45,000 euros.

Mustang Classic Car

However, this is a car to be carefully examined before purchase. Many Mustangs have undergone lazy transformation or restoration in the United States. In addition, Mustangs sometimes have damaged engines due to poor tuning or overheating. Overall, before buying a Mustang, make sure that:

  • the engine is matching number – or failing that it corresponds to the original model. Above all, avoid upgrades from V6 to V8.
  • the basements are free from rust and have undergone a renovation acceptable to European standards.
  • the door / trunk / hood panels are well aligned (this was not the car’s strong point originally).
  • the headlight brackets are aligned with the hood (they tend to sag)
  • The water drainage under the windshield is rust-free (this is a traditional weak point on Mustangs).
  • the engine does not heat up and its engine mounts are not damaged.
  • the car has not been the subject of any make-up (example transformation into GT by adding decoration), especially for the so-called special versions (California …)
Technical specifications: Mustant


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