The purchase of a vintage car is often a crush. Nostalgia, taste for beautiful mechanics, desire to share his passion with friends … everyone has their reasons. And this is a real social phenomenon that occurs around the community of collectors. Our old cars now take a special place in society. They are sought after objects because they carry meaning and collective stories. However, their acquisition requires prudence and know-how.

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A classic car requires regular and sometimes difficult maintenance. Spare parts are rare and generally expensive. Mechanics trained in the technologies of yesteryear are not numerous. Restoration work is also to be considered at some point. Rust is thus the enemy of almost all oldtimers and youngtimers. An engine gets tired over time. The upholstery wears out. The joints are drying out. Here again, it is essential to be well informed about the mechanical and structural condition of a car before purchasing it. And assess the human, technical and financial resources to devote to it.


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Market trends

Classic cars have grown in popularity over the years. This development is the product of their rarity, their attractiveness and also of speculation. They have thus become for many buyers medium and long-term investment objects. But like any investment, there is a risk inherent in the intrinsic quality of the car as well as its perception by the market. Buying an old one therefore means familiarizing yourself with the laws of the market and understanding long-term trends.


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For many of us, the administrative part is the most unpleasant part of the purchase. However, this is a crucial aspect, allowing a lot of trouble to be avoided over time. As with any car, the acquisition of an old one requires a sales contract, a technical inspection report and registration certification. But these three documents each have their subtlety. And what do you do when you buy your car abroad? We tell you more.


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